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To help maintain a consistently clean and healthy work environment, King Maintenance provides professional day porter services so your needs are met all day.

What is a day porter?

Handles all building janitorial tasks and keeps it presentable in between regular cleanings. There are messes that occur or grime that builds daily through regular traffic. Even though it’s unavoidable, it makes an impression on your staff and visitors. They will address these problems before it affects your reputation.They acts similar to a facility manager, keeping your facility clean and in good repair by helping you tick off items that can quickly overwhelm your to-do list.

They address issues that arise daily due to regular traffic, such as messes and grime build-up, to maintain the facility’s reputation. They also can act as a facility manager, helping to keep the facility clean and in good repair by addressing tasks that can quickly overwhelm a to-do list. Additionally, They can also help to identify potential issues and hazards in the building and report them to the appropriate parties for repair or maintenance.


office cleaners performing janitorial services

What is the difference between a day porter and a custodian?

They will tackle all building janitorial tasks daily while a custodian handles deep cleaning after hours or when there’s less traffic.
There’s some overlap in cleaning tasks, but they will also:

Maintain lobby appearance
Clean & maintain common areas
Keep entrances inviting
Service & stock restrooms
Take out the trash regularly

The expertise and customer service you need

King Maintenance has had over 20 years to gain the experience needed to deliver top-level day portering services and we will tailor our cleaning services to fit your specific needs. Just request a free quote, give us a call or text, or email us and we will provide you with the clean environment your staff and customers deserve.

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