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Cleaning Corporate Facilities

We have professionally trained cleaners that can handle all your needs for corporate facilities. We offer flexible services designed for your specific location. We will start with a facility inspection and work with you to thoroughly understand your place. Our goal is to give you the level of service you need and to stay within your budget.

Our normal services include:

  • Cleaning of offices, hallways and common areas
  • Regular carpet vacuuming
  • Floor polishing and cleaning
  • Trash removal
  • Sanitizing toilets and bathrooms
  • Cleaning break rooms
  • Ordering cleaning supplies
  • Window washing
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety standards
  • Notifying management about any need for repair
  • And just about everything else in your facility!
a window cleaner

Pay only for the service you need

Boost employee productivity

Get higher quality indoor air

Ask us about Electrostatic Spraying!

Electrostatic spray cleaning is the process of spraying an electrostatic charged mist onto surfaces and objects. Electrostatic spray uses a specialized solution that is combined with air and atomized by an electrode inside the sprayer. The spray contains positively charged particles that are able to adhere to surfaces and objects. It is used to treat areas that have been exposed to disease and sickness.

Electrostatic spray cleaning is a method of disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces and objects using an electrostatically charged mist. The positively charged particles in the mist are attracted to negatively charged surfaces and objects, allowing the disinfecting solution to evenly coat and cover a wide area.

Electrostatic spray cleaning is often used in healthcare facilities, schools, and other public spaces to help reduce the risk of the spread of diseases and illnesses. It can be an effective method for quickly and efficiently disinfecting large areas, and may be more effective at reaching hard-to-clean areas than manual cleaning methods.

The benefits of electrostatic spray cleaning is that it can quickly and efficiently cover large areas, reducing the amount of time and labor required to disinfect surfaces. The positively charged particles in the mist are attracted to negatively charged surfaces and objects, allowing the disinfecting solution to evenly coat and cover a wide area. This can be particularly helpful in hard-to-reach areas, such as corners and crevices, where manual cleaning may be more difficult.


We believe you should always have the cleanest workspace to make the right first impression.

A clean office space can help boost morale within your organization

When you prioritize the cleanliness of corporate facilities, the employees respond positively, and their morale is increased. A clean environment dramatically influences how your employees see themselves and how they go about their work. When you have happier employees, more motivated employees mean better business and higher quality of work that is being done.

In addition to improving morale, maintaining clean corporate facilities can also have practical benefits. A clean facility can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, as well as improve the overall functionality and efficiency of the facility.

By prioritizing the cleanliness of corporate facilities, you can create a better work environment for your employees, which can in turn lead to improved morale, productivity, and overall success for your business.

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